There are four groups of videos to help you use Stitchmastery. At the top are 3 video tutorials made for the launch of Stitchmastery Version 3. The transcripts are linked below. The second and third groups of videos have been created as short snippets of a single topic. For the second group, subtitles are provided in English, French and German. For the third group, please click through to our YouTube if you would prefer to see the instructions written out – you can find these in the video descriptions. Further down the page you can find tutorial videos from Joeli of the Tech Editor Hub. Some of these have a transcript available – links are provided beneath the relevant videos.

New videos are added to our YouTube channel regularly. If you have a suggestion for a video that you would find useful please let us know. Perhaps there is a feature or ‘trick’ for creating the perfect chart that you think that other users can benefit from? Email us at to let us know.

Stitchmastery Version 3 tutorials

Customising Stitches tutorial

Full transcript available here:

Creating a User Stitch Library tutorial

Full transcript available here:

Migrating User Stitch Libraries from Version 2 into Version 3, and Opening Version 2 charts in Version 3

Full transcript available here:

Second group – with English, French & German subtitles

These were made in an earlier version of Stitchmastery, but the principles remain the same.

Create a simple chart / Machen Sie eine einfaches Diagramm / Faire un diagramme simple

Change the fonts in a chart / Ändern Sie die Schriftarten in einem Diagramm / Changez les polices dans un diagramme

Third group – Weekly Tip videos

These videos each have a written summary on YouTube – if you’d prefer to read instead of watching and listening, please click through to YouTube.

Joeli of the Tech Editor Hub created some videos on Stitchmastery as part of The Tech Editor Hub YouTube Channel. They were made in Version 2 of the software but the principles are the same.

Stitchmastery Tutorial: Editing the Key

Transcript available here: Editing the Key – tutorial from Joeli

How To: Use Stitchmastery To Check Lace Charts

Stitchmastery Tutorial: Customising Default Abbreviations and Style Sheet

Stitchmastery: Borders and Repeats

Transcript available here: Borders and repeats – tutorial from Joeli

Annotating Repeats / Stitchmastery Tutorial

Transcript available here: Annotating repeats – tutorial from Joeli