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“Moving the Goalposts Part 2” – guest post by Kate Atherley

In my last column I talked about repeats with shifting borders. In this one, I want to focus on a very special case of that situation – repeats worked in the round where they cross over the start of the round. I love designing socks with all-over cables. And in particular it pleases me immenselyContinue Reading

“On Writing Instructions for Using Charts” – guest post by Kate Atherley

As I mentioned in my first column, it’s most knitter-friendly to, where possible, include both written and charted instructions for stitch patterns, when you’re writing up your pattern for publication. But you can’t just paste them both into your pattern, you’ve got to make sure that you’re instructing knitters how to use them. It’s noContinue Reading

“Going Both Ways” – guest post by Kate Atherley

“As a designer, you likely have a strong personal preference as to whether you work from charts or written instructions in a pattern. (And since you’re here, I think I know what the answer is!) Knitters have equally strong feelings, too – and their opinion doesn’t always match yours. Whether a knitter prefers charts orContinue Reading