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Installing and using Stitchmastery

For details of how to install Stitchmastery, please read the first chapter of the Stitchmastery User Manual (pdf) which gives step-by-step instructions. The User Manual also gives details of all of the software features and is a useful reference tool. You can find the most recent User Manual at the top left of this page. We have also put the Version 2 User Manual there for users still working with that version of the software.

Once installed, the help files within the software can be accessed by selecting Help > Help Contents from the main menu. As well as detailing the software features, the help files also include some basic tutorials to help you get started. These can be found by selecting the Getting Started section of the Help Contents.

There are a variety of video tips and tutorials available on the Videos page, and our Blog regularly features articles and tutorials describing different functions of Stitchmastery, from the Stitchmastery team and from guest contributors including designers and tech editors.

Installing and using the Knitting Font Collection

For details of how to install and use the Knitting Font Collection, visit the Font Collection Documentation page.

How to get help

If none of the options above help with your query/problem, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if the answer to your question is there.

The Stitchmastery group on Ravelry is a great place to look for answers or ask questions, with a fantastic group of helpful Stitchmastery users as well as regular input from the team.

If you are still stuck or have a question specifically about your purchase/activation code, then please use the contact form on the left hand side of this page and we will do our best to help you.