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New help centre for Stitchmastery

For the past while we’ve been working on setting up a one-stop help centre on Zendesk, which now contains everything from our User Manual alongside relevant links to blog posts and videos, all with searchable tags. Anybody can post a comment to ask a question against a specific topic and it’s integrated with a support ticket system where we can help you by email if needed. To avoid spam, you will need to be registered to post comments, but you can read info and comments without registering. We hope it’s helpful for everyone, and we’d love to hear any feedback!


Screengrab of Zendesk website

We’ve also decided to add on a Community forum for broader discussions about designing, tech editing and so on, or for those questions when you don’t really know what you need to ask or the name of the tool you are looking for. We won’t be closing down our Ravelry forum but until the accessibility problems there are solved, we are not comfortable having that as our only place where you can support each other. Our Zendesk Community is linked with the support ticket system and our help centre (aka knowledge base) so this will make it easier for us to support you and hopefully help solve your problems quickly. Of course, we will continue to provide support by email as well.

Screenshot of Zendesk community website

We hope that the forum won’t be a place you only visit when you have a problem – we’d like it to be a hub for keeping in touch with other designers and tech editors, sharing support and celebrating successes as well as seeking help. If you have any suggestions or feedback on this, we’d be delighted to hear it.

Repeats and brackets – a guest post by Kate Atherley

One of my favourite features of Stitchmastery is the ability to generate written instructions for the charts I make. When I’m writing up a pattern, it helps me make the patterns more inclusive and knitter-friendly, because I can provide both options very easily. It saves time when I’m editing, too: if I’m reviewing a patternContinue Reading

A Design From Idea to Publication – a guest post by Kate Atherley

I’m often asked how it works to publish a design, what the steps are. I thought it might be interesting to outline them. For a self-published pattern, it goes roughly like this: 1. The Idea 2. Knitting It 3. Writing It Up 4. Editing 5. Photography 6. Pattern layout 7. Post to Ravelry, other onlineContinue Reading

Charting tuck stitches

Following on from Kate Atherley’s article on charting Brioche and Fisherman’s Rib Patterns I thought that it would be useful to detail how to chart Tuck stitches in Stitchmastery. Tuck stitches are common in machine knitting patterns and you will find many examples of interesting tuck stitch patterns in commercially made knitwear. Sometimes these areContinue Reading

Charting Conventions – a guest post by Kate Atherley

When knitters encounter their first chart, there’s usually a bit of a learning curve, and often a fair bit of consternation. When I teach classes on this, the question I always get is the entirely-reasonable “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE SYMBOLS CHANGE MEANING?”. Perfectly fair! This seems like an absurd thing to do. And it’sContinue Reading

Charting Brioche and Fisherman’s Rib Patterns – a guest post by Kate Atherley

Brioche (and related) pattern stitches are enormously popular at the moment. They create wonderful textured fabrics, with lots of drape and visual interest. They’re terrific ways to use up busy variegated yarns, too – two-colour brioche is my absolute favourite application for an outrageously variegated yarn. These type of stitch patterns – also sometimes knownContinue Reading

Charting Slipped Stitch Colourwork Patterns – a guest post by Kate Atherley

I absolutely adore slipped stitch colourwork patterns because you get all the visual effects of stranded colourwork, with significantly less risk of tangling. If you’ve not tried them, I highly recommend giving it a go. The crux of it is that you actually only work with one colour at a time. Let’s say you wantContinue Reading

Backwards and Forwards – a guest post by Kate Atherley

I need to make a confession: when I chatted to Hannah for my Stitchmastery user interview, she asked me an important question. She asked if there were any features I’d like to see in future versions of Stitchmastery, anything I wished it could do. I replied in an instant: mirroring! A long time ago, IContinue Reading

Choosing colours for knitting – a guest post by Claire Neicho

I have always been a bit of a nerd when it comes to colour. I could spend hours in a fabric shop just browsing, looking at all the different colour combinations. I also love to look at the colours around me, particularly in nature. I moved to Shetland just over 8 years ago, and althoughContinue Reading

Grading pattern repeats for garments and larger projects: Part 2 – guest post by Kate Atherley

In a previous column, I talked about ways to place and size pattern repeats for small projects like mittens and I’ve also talked about placement of larger patterns in garments. Now let’s tackle the question of smaller patterns in larger projects. This sort of thing: Amy Herzog’s February Fitted Pullover (a free pattern on Ravelry).Continue Reading