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Helping with translations

When we launched Stitchmastery Version 3, one of the key additions to the programme were German and Danish translations of both the system Stitch Libraries and the Text Templates stylesheets. We were able to add these thanks to designers who helped us with the translations.

This addition to the software means that anyone who would like to publish patterns in German or Danish can create charts with all the key text and accompanying written instructions in those languages at the click of a button. As users can customise both stitches and text templates, it is also relatively easy to customise this output to suit particular styles. All of this amounts to a considerable time saving for users publishing in those languages.

We would love to add translations in more languages but need help to do this. If you are interested in helping and have the language and knitting knowledge to do so, please contact us at and let us know which language you can offer. We’ll then let you know whether anyone has already begun work translating into your language.

To make the translations as easy and fast as possible, we have prepared spreadsheets of both the stitch definitions and text templates as well as detailed notes. Editing the spreadsheets is a considerably faster way of editing all the values than editing individual stitches from within Stitchmastery. Existing translations have taken about 4 hours for stitches and text templates. We pay for this translation work at a normal set fee of £60. Once the spreadsheets have been updated and sent to us, we use them to generate system Stitch Libraries which will be available to users in the next update available to Stitchmastery.

How do I change the language to German or Danish?

To change the language of your key text and written instructions, go to Diagram -> Edit Diagram Properties -> Stitch Library and Text Templates tab, and choose the appropriate language from the 2 drop-down menus. The Stitch Library option changes the names/descriptions of your stitches, and the Text Template controls the framework wording – eg “round/row”, “to end of row” etc. You can set these as your defaults by opening Preferences (under Tools if you use Windows and Stitchmastery if you use macOs), choose Stylesheets in the left hand menu (click the small triangle next to Preferences if you can’t see Stylesheets, to display the menu), and use the drop-down menus at the bottom of the window.

Stitchmastery Version 3.0.2

We’re pleased to let you know we have released an updated version of Stitchmastery – Version 3.0.2. This version has the following changes: – fix for bug that affected users with a machine set to a language other than English which prevented them editing stitch symbols – fix for bug that meant that stitches didContinue Reading

Stitchmastery Version 3.0.1

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Stitchmastery Version 3 is now available

This blog post details the changes made to the software for Version 3, and how to download it – the information is all relevant for Version 3.0.2 which is now available. The upgrade is free for existing customers – see below for instructions on how to use your current activation key as a coupon code.Continue Reading

Customising the appearance of your stitches in Stitchmastery Version 3

This video explains the new method of customising stitches in Stitchmastery Version 3. If you’ve never created a User Library in Stitchmastery or need more help with the technical side of customising stitches (eg considering how much a stitch consumes and produces, and what the wrong side version should be) read the “Viewing and EditingContinue Reading

Creating your own User Stitch Libraries in Stitchmastery Version 3

  This video explains how to create your own user stitch library in Stitchmastery Version 3. Stitchmastery comes pre-loaded with two default Stitchmastery libraries (also available in German and Danish) which contain many stitches. As you may know, it is not possible to edit these default libraries, so if you want to customise the appearanceContinue Reading

Migrating User Stitch Libraries from V2 to V3, and Opening V2 charts in V3

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Where did my file go? And other common questions

We quite often hear from people that they’ve lost their files, or they can’t open them again after exporting. We thought it might be useful to go through the various file types involved with Stitchmastery and some handy hints for saving, locating and using them. .knt2 files These are your active working chart files. TheyContinue Reading