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New help centre for Stitchmastery

For the past while we’ve been working on setting up a one-stop help centre on Zendesk, which now contains everything from our User Manual alongside relevant links to blog posts and videos, all with searchable tags. Anybody can post a comment to ask a question against a specific topic and it’s integrated with a support ticket system where we can help you by email if needed. To avoid spam, you will need to be registered to post comments, but you can read info and comments without registering. We hope it’s helpful for everyone, and we’d love to hear any feedback!


Screengrab of Zendesk website

We’ve also decided to add on a Community forum for broader discussions about designing, tech editing and so on, or for those questions when you don’t really know what you need to ask or the name of the tool you are looking for. We won’t be closing down our Ravelry forum but until the accessibility problems there are solved, we are not comfortable having that as our only place where you can support each other. Our Zendesk Community is linked with the support ticket system and our help centre (aka knowledge base) so this will make it easier for us to support you and hopefully help solve your problems quickly. Of course, we will continue to provide support by email as well.

Screenshot of Zendesk community website

We hope that the forum won’t be a place you only visit when you have a problem – we’d like it to be a hub for keeping in touch with other designers and tech editors, sharing support and celebrating successes as well as seeking help. If you have any suggestions or feedback on this, we’d be delighted to hear it.

“Grading + Pattern Repeats” – a guest post by Kate Atherley

This lesson is little different than some of the others I’ve written: this one is designed to share a little less about how I use Stitchmastery and provide more of an insight into the design process itself. A problem that designers often struggle with – and one that you may well have encountered yourself withContinue Reading

Stitchmastery is 7 – tips and tricks for getting started knitting stranded colourwork

We’re enjoying seeing some progress on our knit-along (if you’re new to the blog, see our Stitchmastery is 7; Anniversary Mittens KAL and design-along! post for full information) and we’re delighted to hear that some intrepid knitters are considering trying stranded colourwork for the first time. We thought it might be helpful to point youContinue Reading

Stitchmastery is 7 – getting started with customising a mitten chart

Thank you to everyone who has sent kind messages for our 7th anniversary! Today we’re sharing some tips on how to start customising the mitten pattern if you’ve never used Stitchmastery before. First off, you’ll need to download Stitchmastery, which you can do for free in the demo version (which is the same software asContinue Reading

Stitchmastery is 7 – Anniversary Mittens KAL and design-along!

Stitchmastery is 7 – Anniversary Mittens KAL and design-along!

July 2018 marks 7 years since Cathy first released Stitchmastery, so we are celebrating our 7th anniversary and happily the associated material for 7th anniversaries is WOOL! So we have a woolly (or at least, yarny) community project in mind – a mitten knit and/or design along. Cathy has designed a mitten pattern, which youContinue Reading

Photographing Knitwear – guest blog by Katie Blair Matthews

If you follow our blog/social media accounts for Knitmastery you may have seen this post there. When we received the article from Katie we realised it could be equally useful for designers taking photos for their patterns so with permission from Katie we are sharing it here too. Enjoy! Hello, I am Katie Blair MatthewsContinue Reading

Publications using Stitchmastery – Knit Now

Last week I blogged about Knitty who have been using Stitchmastery to create all of their knitting charts for nearly 5 years. There is another magazine, though, that has been using Stitchmastery for just over 5 years and has a record number of editions (67!) published with charts created with the use of Stitchmastery. KnitContinue Reading

Publications using Stitchmastery – Knitty

One of the first publications to begin using Stitchmastery to create all of their knitting charts was Knitty. That was nearly 5 years ago in the Winter bis 2011 edition;- Save Save In that edition Knitty also published a review of Stitchmastery and explained the reasons why Knitty adopted Stitchmastery as their official charting software.Continue Reading

Edinburgh Yarn Festival is nearly here!

There is mounting excitement amongst knitters and spinners here in Edinburgh. We are accustomed to Festivals in Edinburgh. There is the famous International Festival in August, the International Science Festival, the Book Festival, Film Festival, Storytelling Festival and so on.. Now we have a Yarn Festival! The inaugural event of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival takesContinue Reading