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Update 1.8.0 available for Knitting Chart Editor

An update for the Knitting Chart Editor is now available.

To install this update;-

  1. Start up the Knitting Chart Editor.
  2. Select Tools > Install updates from the main menu.
  3. The software checks for available updates and shows a dialog box listing the available updates. Select version 1.8.0 and follow the prompts.
  4. When prompted about certificates, select the Eclipse certificate and reply ok. All of the software code is ‘digitally signed’ to show that the software has not been tampered with. The certificates are either from The Eclipse Foundation ( or Cathy Scott of StitchMastery ( may be a warning that there is an unsigned feature called com.stitchmastery.chartEditor.feature. This warning is nothing to worry about and can be safely ignored as all of the contents of the feature have been signed. The StitchMastery Knitting Chart Editor is composed of a collection of ‘plug-ins’. A ‘feature’ is a subset of those plugins. The feature mentioned is the set of all plugins that contain code specific to the Knitting Chart Editor. All of the plugins in the software, including those in the com.stitchmastery.chartEditor.feature have been ‘digitally signed’ so that you can be sure that they contain authentic code that has not been tampered with since signing.To verify the signatures of the installed code;-
    1. Select Tools > About Knitting Chart Editor from the main menu. The ‘About Knitting Chart Editor dialog’ opens.
    2. Select ‘Installation Details’. The ‘Knitting Chart Editor Installation Details dialog’ opens.
    3. Select the Plug-ins tab.
    4. Select ‘Show Signing Info’.
  5. When prompted be sure to agree to the restart of the software so that the new update is incorporated properly.

Update 1.8.0 fixed the following bugs / added the following features;-

  • Added support for Mosaic charts which alternate two right side rows and two wrong side rows.
  • Enabled direct editing of the row and column labels.
  • Fixed a bug so that multiple lines can be selected when wrong side rows are hidden.
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple key entries when copying sections of a chart into a chart in a different chart diagram file.
  • Updates to the Help files and User Manual.