The videos have been created as short snippets of a single topic. They have been designed so that their message is clear without the need for audio thus making them accessible for speakers of all languages. Subtitles are provided in English, French and German.

New videos will be added regularly. If you have a suggestion for a video that you would find useful please let us know. Perhaps there is a feature or ‘trick’ for creating the perfect chart that you think that other users can benefit from? Email to to let us know.

Create a simple chart / Machen Sie eine einfaches Diagramm / Faire un diagramme simple

Change the font used for a stitch / Ändern Sie die Schriftarten für Stiche / Changez les polices utilisées pour les points

Change the fonts in a chart / Ändern Sie die Schriftarten in einem Diagramm / Changez les polices dans un diagramme

Create a custom stitch / Erstellen Sie eine benutzerdefinierte Masche / Créer un point personnalisé

Joeli of Joeli Creates has also created some videos on Stitchmastery as part of the Joeli Creates YouTube Channel. You can find them here:


Stitchmastery Tutorial: editing the key

How To: Use Stitchmastery To Check Lace Charts

StitchMastery Tutorial: Customising Default Abbreviations and Style Sheet