Stitchmastery Mac OSX Users – please read!

The latest version of Mac OSX, High Sierra, has been made public and there is a bug in it that affects Java applications including Stitchmastery. The bug disables the menus of Java applications rendering them unusable. It seems to affect only those users who have their operating system language set to something other than English.

My advice is;-

1) Unless you have to update to High Sierra, do not update yet. I hope that Apple will fix this issue in High Sierra soon. In the meantime we are trying to find a workaround for Stitchmastery that can bypass the bug and will publish this as soon as possible.

2) If you still wish to update to High Sierra, make sure that you have an up-to-date Time Machine backup before updating and know how to use it to remove High Sierra if you need to.

If you have already updated to High Sierra and find your machine affected by this bug you have two options to continue using Stitchmastery;-

  1. Use your Time Machine backup to restore Sierra (or whatever level of Mac OSX you were running before High Sierra). Run Sierra until either High Sierra is fixed or we have issued an update to Stitchmastery that can bypass the bug.
  2. Update your operating system setting to English.

We realise that neither of the options above is ideal but we are working full time on finding a workaround and will publish this as soon as possible.

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